Norfolk Bliss – Visiting Massage & Guided Meditation Experience Package



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£99 per person (based on a minimum of a two person booking)

Slow You Down Wellbeing

Elevating the Massage Experience

Founded by Harley Street trained

Complementary Healthcare Practitioner, Kate Smith, Slow You Down Wellbeing is Norfolk’s VIP visiting wellbeing service offering luxurious bespoke relaxation experiences.

“Norfolk Bliss’ is a restful treatment combining a mind calming guided meditation

(10 minutes), with a body relaxing mindful massage (70 minutes).

All Slow You Down Wellbeing experiences take place on a comfortable heated futon mattress.

Snuggled under blankets, a water soundscape accompanies your treatment. With the addition of soothing candlelight, this experience package is ideal for anyone who loves to slow you down by a river, lake or stream.

“In designing a collection of exclusive visiting packages for Norfolk Hampers, I wanted to encapsulate the peaceful calm that Norfolk offers & where better in finding that serenity than to sit by one of the many Norfolk rivers and lakes” – Kate Smith